The overseas player’s home ground…

The Indian Premier League (IPL) throws up a sizable chunk of inexplicable, at times illogical, moments. Last week, one of the many female emcees interviewed Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Kane Williamson (who was benched for the game) alongside the boundary ropes. The first question that popped up was: “How does it feel playing at your home venue amongst your home crowd?” (Or something like that…)

Williamson hails from Tauranga, one of the cities in the North Island of New Zealand. The game was being played, amidst a sparse crowd, in Visakhapatnam — a coastal city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. While Williamson composed a cliche-ridden response, the naivety behind the query was unmissable. The IPL crowd may not entirely be highbrow, but the hosts/hostesses sure do go out of the way to make it evident.


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